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Towards an Interactive Visualization of Game Design Patterns
Conference Proceedings: Digital Games Research Association, 2005

J. Tolmie, S. DiPaola, A. Charles

Vancouver, Canada

FaceSpace: A Facial Spatial-Domain Toolkit
Conference Proceedings: IEEE Information Visualization, 2002
pp 105-109

S. DiPaola

London, UK


Virtual CoLab Project

Virtual Colab and the real CECM Colab located at SFU.
Every smart-board computer display is matched by an in-world browser in 3d
which are able to display the same web based information for distanced collaborators.


Using open source tools ( python / openGL / … ), our research group is working to create an intuitive, interactive 3D knowledge visualization system that explores a more organic approach to knowledge and data visualization. The hope is by borrowing from our interests in alternative user interface design, AI and aLife systems, visual and interaction design as well as intelligent systems that we can create a more living and intuitive system for exploring date spaces.


SFU/FIT Collaborative Design Project

Collaboratively created cyber-fashion show, where sketches (white bg)
from FIT fashion designers are turned into 3d avatar models (black bg) by SFU students
– all using distance collaborative tools between two coasts and countries.