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Ratava’s Line: Emergent Learning and Design Using Collaborative Virtual Worlds
Conference Proceedings: ACM SIGGRAPH 2004 Educators Program, August 08 - 12 2004
4 pages

S. DiPaola, D. Dorosh, G. Brandt

Los Angeles, California, USA



Virtual CoLab Project

Virtual Colab and the real CECM Colab located at SFU.
Every smart-board computer display is matched by an in-world browser in 3d
which are able to display the same web based information for distanced collaborators.

SFU/FIT Collaborative Design Project

Collaboratively created cyber-fashion show, where sketches (white bg)
from FIT fashion designers are turned into 3d avatar models (black bg) by SFU students
– all using distance collaborative tools between two coasts and countries.