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Social Prescribing Across the Lifespan with Virtual Humans
Conference Proceedings: IVA '20: Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, 2020

N. Yalcin, S. DiPaola

Empathic AI Painter: A Computational Creativity System with Embodied Conversational Interaction
Conference Proceedings: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (NeurIPS 2019 Competition and Demonstration Track), 2020
10 Pages

N. Yalcin, N. Abukhodair, S. DiPaola

A multi-layer Artificial Intelligence and sensing based Affective Conversational Embodied Agent
Conference Proceedings: IEEE Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACIIW), 2019

N. Yalcin, S. DiPaola

Empathy Framework for Embodied Conversational Agents
Journal Article: Cognitive Systems Research, (In press) 2019

N. Yalcin

M-Path: A Conversational System for the Empathic Virtual Agent
Conference Proceedings: Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Meeting, August 15, 2019 2019
pp. 597-607. DOI:

N. Yalcin, S. DiPaola

Seattle, USA

Springer, Cham

Modeling empathy: building a link between affective and cognitive processes
Journal Article: Artificial Intelligence Review, August 21, 2019 2019
pp. 1-24. DOI:

N. Yalcin, S. DiPaola

Springer Netherlands

Evaluating Empathy in Artificial Agents
Conference Proceedings: ACII 2019 Conference, August 2019 2019

N. Yalcin

Cambridge, UK

Evaluating Levels of Emotional Contagion in an Embodied Conversational Agent
Conference Proceedings: The 41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 2019

N. Yalcin, S. DiPaola


AI Affective Virtual Human

Our affective real-time 3D AI virtual human project with face emotion recognition, movement recognition and full AI talking, gesture and reasoning.

A Social Metaphor-based Virtual Communities (voiceAvatar)

The design goal of this project was to develop avatars and virtual communities where the participants sense a tele-presence – that they are really there in the virtual space with other people. This collective sense of “being-there” does not happen over the phone or with teleconferencing; it is a new and emerging phenomenon, unique to 3D virtual communities.