AI for Enhancing Cultural Tours

Our AI systems can be used to enhance little-seen and often missed visual artifacts at cultural institutions. We can use our Artificial Intelligence work as outlines in our AI creativity projects to use painterly techniques to bring out innovative artistic depictions of this almost unseen objects and art figures. For instance here is a prototype example of “creatures” almost missed in the Audience Chamber of the Apartments of the Priors room at the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence. With simple, respectful floor standing monitors we could enhance the room with source material located somewhere in the room, that tourist goers would see animated on the monitors and have to search wherein the room these new altered creatures and objects came from. As a new type of art installation piece that respectfully complements the cultural spaces and artworks.

Current room with small fasded patinign in the lower sections of such exquisite beauty and imagination:

Close-ups of the works:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Using the close up as a guide, we created as a prototype the following AI enhanced painterly image:

Similar AI process done for a hallway sculpture:

These are just examples. We would work with the curators on proper directions.

Steve DiPaola