Suk Kyoung Choi

Suk Kyoung Choi is a Korean artist and researcher. As a member of iViz lab, Suk Kyoung explores the phenomenology of creative process to extend knowledge of the human factors informing the development of collaborative artificially intelligent technologies supporting human expression. Artistic painting offers access to transitional states existing at the interstices of expression and reflection. It is the translation of this tacit knowledge embodied in artistic practice and expressed through creative inquiry that she identifies as essential to future advances in affective technologies modeling human creativity. Her guiding research questions are therefore motivated by such critical issues as computational access to the pre-conceptual ‘mental image’, what factors and schema give rise to expressive acts, and how these questions inform learning strategies in an increasingly digital culture.


Position: PhD Researcher


BioSensing 2D / 3D / VR Systems

Our lab has extensive experience in using different sensing technology including eye tracking and facial emotion recognition (DiPaola et al 2013), as well as gesture tracking and  heart rate and EDA bio sensing (Song & DiPaola, 2015) to affect generative computer graphics systems.

Deep Learning AI Creativity For Visuals / Words

Using Cognitive Science as a basis for our work, we attempt to model aspects of human creativity in AI. Specially we are using Neural Networks (and evolutionary systems) in the form of Deep Learning, CNNs, RNNs and other modern techniques to model aspects of human expression and creativity.


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S. Choi

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