Sara Salevati

Sara Feldman is currently a post-doc researcher at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at the Simon Fraser University. She has an extensive knowledge in the field of UX and the design and adaptation of Artificial Intelligence systems. The focus of these systems is to enhance communication, collaboration and education through the exploration of natural interaction models, affect and visualization. Her philosophy is grounded within the human-centered and HCI methodologies and focuses on the importance of creative process, engagement and narrative.

Sara also completed her PhD at SIAT. Her dissertation explored UX and affect to enhance Creative Artificial Intelligence Systems. Her work has been published in over 11 peer reviewed publications and was also exhibited in 2 major juried interactive art shows including the V&A Digital Futures in London.

Sara’s design and research extends beyond academic experiences. She has worked in a number of R&D and consultancy roles at various organizations (Qualtrics, Fraser Health, Emily Carr, Kodak, WWF) where she explored topics including computational creativity and design processes, healthcare situations and issues, and UX and agile software development.



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