Philippe Pasquier

Philippe Pasquier

Philippe Pasquier is a professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology of Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Communication, Arts and Technology since January 2008. There, he conducts both a scientific and artistic research agenda. His research focuses on building deeper theories for endowing machines with autonomous behaviors, with a focus on creative and artistic applications.


Position: Associate Professor


m+m: A novel Middleware for Distributed, Movement based Interactive Multimedia Systems
Conference Proceedings: 3rd International Symposium on Movement and Computing, July 2016
Article No. 21

U. Bernardet, . , J. Phillips, D. Adhia, M. Nixon, S. DiPaola, T. Schiphorst, N. Jaffe, O. Alemi, P. Pasquier

Thessaloniki, GA, Greece


A Generic Approach to Challenge Modeling for the Procedural Creation of Video Game Levels
Journal Article: Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, 2011
Vol 3, No 3, pp 229-244

N. Sorenson, P. Pasquier, S. DiPaola