Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon defend hisĀ  Ph.D. at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology (Simon Fraser University)in the iVizLab with his work on making virtual characters more believable in interactive narrative and social contexts through the use of better cognitive models and procedurally-animated non-verbal behaviour. He was also interested in how new kinds of natural user interfaces can enable novel game mechanics. Michael defended his M.Sc. in 2009, which investigated the use of Delsarte’s movement principles for animating believable characters.

Research interests:
– AI-driven 3D character systems
– Cognitive modeling of nonverbal behaviour (e.g. social eye gaze).
– Game studies

Contact: michael_nixon@sfu.ca

Position: Professor, University of Toronto Missisauga



AI Affective Virtual Human

Our affective real-time 3D AI virtual human project with face emotion recognition, movement recognition and full AI talking, gesture and reasoning.



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Article No. 21

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