Lorne McIntosh

Lorne Mcintosh

Lorne graduated in 2011 with an M.Sc. in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. His thesis was entitled “Parameter Spaces, Spacetime Control and Motion Graphs for Automating the Animation of Videogame Characters”. His research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Character Animation. His thesis work explored a novel system for automating the synthesis of character animations in videogames. In his spare time Lorne enjoys hiking, videogames and writing about himself in the third person.

Contact: lmcintos@sfu.ca

Position: Masters Researcher



Efficiently Simulating the Bokeh of Polygonal Apertures in a Post-Process Depth of Field Shader
Journal Article: International Journal of Computer Games Technology, Computer Graphics Forum, 2012
Vol 31, No 6, pp 1810-1822

L. McIntosh, B. Riecke, S. DiPaola