Hanieh Shakeri

Hanieh’s research interests include Human-Computer Interaction – specifically Haptics and Multimodal Interaction – as well as Computer Vision. She graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2018 with a BSc. in Interactive Arts and Technology and a minor in Computer Science.

Contact: hannah_shakeri@sfu.ca

Position: Master Student, UBC


Cognitive (AI) Based Abstraction

What is abstraction? Can you use AI techniques to model the semantics of an idea, object, or entity, where that understanding allows for abstraction of the meaning? We use several AI techniques including genetic programming, Neural Nets and Deep Learning to explore abstraction in its many forms. Mainly here in the visual and narrative arts.



Saliency-Based Artistic Abstraction With Deep Learning and Regression Trees
Journal Article: Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 2017
Volume 61, Issue 6.

H. Shakeri, M. Nixon, S. DiPaola

Society for Imaging Science and Technology