Bill Kraus

I have spent the last few decades of my life as a professional software designer and developer – most recently exploring the interface between user experience and machine intelligence. However, I started my career as a student in ecology and evolutionary biology, receiving a PhD after researching animal mating systems and social behavior. Even after many years, my interest in nature and wildlife continues unabated.


Virtual Beluga Project - Vancouver Aquarium

Actual screen shot from our Virtual Beluga Interactive Prototype which shows realistically swimming Beluga in a wild grouping (pod) created via 3d real-time graphics and artificial intelligence systems.


Experiencing Belugas: Action Selection for an Interactive Aquarium Exhibit
Journal Article: Adaptive Behavior , Special Issue on Action Selection, 2007
Vol 15, No 1, pp 99-113

S. DiPaola, C. Akai, B. Kraus