Ali Arya

Ali Arya started as the first iVizLab postdoc coming to us from UBC engineering. While with us for 2 years, he is now a professor at Carleton University and still collaborates with the iVizLab.


Position: Assistant Prof, Carleton U


faceToolKit - A 3D Facial ToolKit

Our long range research project is a visual development system for exploring face space, both in terms of facial types and animated expressions. This development toolkit is based on a hierarchical parametric approach. This approach gives us an additive language of hierarchical expressions, emotions and lip-sync sequences.

iFACE - Comprehensive Envir for Interactive Face Anim

Rapid of growth of visual communication systems, from video phones to virtual agents in games and web services, has a brought a new generation of multimedia systems that we refer to as face-centric. Such systems are mainly concerned with multimedia representation of facial activities.


Can you extract the emotional aspects of a piece of music to animate a face. Music-driven Emotionally Expressive Face (MusicFace) is a early stage project that creates “facial choreography” driven by musical input. In addition to its artistic uses, MusicFace can be used for creating visual effects in movies and animations, and also realistic characters in computer games and virtual worlds.

GenFace - Exploring FaceSpace with Genetic Algorithms

Imagine an -dimensional space describing every conceivable humanoid face, where each dimension represents a different facial characteristic. Within this continuous space, it would be possible to traverse a path from any face to any other face, morphing through locally similar faces along that path. We will describe and demonstrate a development system we have created to explore what it means to ‘surf’through face space. We will present our investigation of the relationships between facial types and how this understanding can be used to create new communication and expression systems.


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