Research paper award for our AI empathy paper – at major AI Conf


PhD Nilay Yalcin ( lead) and Dr. Steve DiPaola won the Research Paper award at HUman Level AI Conference ( HLAI) which is the premier AGI, Cognitive AI conference. The paper is on our AI Empathy Modelling. The paper was upgraded to a journal. Our 2nd paper was also upgraded to a Journal as well on Cognitive Modelling Creativity and our 3rd paper was shown at the main AGI event. It was on Kantian philosophy and Deep reflection in AGIs.

See Publications for links to papers.   From

  • Yalcin ON, DiPaola S, “A computational model of empathy for interactive agents”, Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures Journal (BICA Journal). 8 pages. BICA Research Award Winning Paper. 2018
  • DiPaola S, McCaig G, Gabora L, “Informing Artificial Intelligence Generative Techniques using Cognitive Theories of Human Creativity”. Procedia Computer Science. Special Issue: Bio Inspired Cognitive Arch. 11 pages. 2018.
  • Turner JO, DiPaola S, “Transforming Kantian Aesthetic Principles into Qualitative Hermeneutics for Contemplative AGI Agents”, International Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), pages 238-247. 2018.