Conversing with chatbots—Artificial Intelligence research keeps it more ‘human’


The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) begs a daunting question – will we ever achieve ‘human-like’ behavior in computational systems? SFU professor Steve DiPaola and his research team are developing a solution called the AI Empathic Painter, using natural interaction methods to enable users to converse efficiently, while highlighting two major human qualities— empathy and creativity.

DiPaola’s team showcased its work at a major AI conference—NeurIPS 2019— in Vancouver this past week. Their demo enables visitors to approach and converse with a 3D avatar chatbot, which creates an artistic portrait of the visitors inspired by their emotions and personality via the team’s Empathy-based Affective Portrait Painter.


This work comes from our research areas

ai_empathetic_pianter  and  ai-affective-virtual-human



Also Steve was interviewed on national news on empathy and AI

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